Why did you do a collaboration?

Because we want our leaks to be on one account to make it easier for everyone.

What’s your target viewers?

Us. Our own interests. We’re not doing that for anyone else’s. Anyone howevers who enjoy leaks unconditionally without second thoughts are welcomed. Those who don’t can ignore or block both accounts if neccessary. What we’re doing is certainly not a service.

So you’re not getting money from this?

We’re doing that as a hobby. Leaks are distributed free here, for real. No charges. No donate. No ads. No income. We will refuse if you offer them (of course).

You recently added watermarks on some images, why?

It’s not for the ego, not for the glory and not e-penis. We didn’t do that to claim own properties, and we certainly not draw them. Some people use leaks for their personal bad deeds including ‘clout’, potential monetary implementations, and these are countermeasures from us. If you are unhappy, wait for official announcement. (:

Are you in contact with animators to get exclusive informations?

No. We have definite rules and procedures to follow. Taking advantages of animators is completely prohibited.

So, how do you get leaks?

We can’t answer this question because it varies so much.

How do I know if OECUF is using the SugoiLITE account?

When you see that a tweet with « TweetDeck » description, it’s sent from OCEUF’s base, or you can check retweets of the @OECUF0 account. In any ways, we’re working together to provide most accurate leaks if possible.


What is OECUF?

A group. That’s all you need to know.

Btw, OECUF? what does it mean?

We wont answer this question.

Can I join the group?

Not unless you are a millionaire. <3

Do you plan to do manga or magazine leaks?

Yes, but it is still very early to talk about it.
You can see that we have leaked the cover of ULTRA JUMP magazine. Or the cover of Jojo Kishibe Rohan

Is it possible to do a collaboration with you?

Of course! contact us from this page.